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The news it out: the redesigned Jeep Wrangler was named the 2019 MotorTrend SUV of the Year! It's a perfect way to commemorate the historic Wrangler's arrival into its 10th generation, and at Barbera Autoland — where we have a huge selection of new Jeep Wrangler SUVS — we cannot wait to let interested shoppers know that they could be taking home an award-winning model.

There's a lot to love about the updated Wrangler, and here's what stood out to the folks at MotorTrend.

Blending of old and new: MotorTrend writes, "Rarely do past and future coexist so beautifully", and we cannot think of a better way to describe this off-roader. The Jeep brand isn't shy about paying homage to the older vehicles, and you'll see that with the Wrangler. There are design elements taken from decades back, they were able to update the iconic seven-slot grille without taking away from its history, and they infused some more modern stylings without completely overhauling the model. Iconic vehicles like the Wrangler are always tricky to update, but designers and engineers did a great job!

Smoother on-road travels: the Wrangler performs superbly off-road, but obviously not everyone who buys or leases one is looking to take on the dusty trails. That's why we love that shoppers who'll mainly be using their Wrangler to commute will have a more comfortable suspension, a smoother ride, and more engine options. The cabin also gets more features and technologies, and it isn't as spartan as it's been in the past.

Better Safety: the older Wrangler generation was severely lacking when it came to advanced safety features, but that isn't the case with the Wrangler that won the MotorTrend award. You can find tech you've heard about on our other new vehicles, like blind spot monitoring, full-speed collision warning with automatic braking, parking assist, and more.

To check out this award-winning Jeep Wrangler, visit us this week! We're a Jeep dealer in Philadelphia, and we proudly serve Pennsauken and folks right over in Jenkintown, NJ with a great selection of SUVS from this popular brand.

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