How do you purchase a car with no credit? The answer may be simpler than you think. The greatest challenge you face is the fact that you have little to no credit that a dealership could use to make a decision on financing a vehicle for you.

Get Financed

So, you are just starting out in life - maybe you have just finished college but you have yet to make any major purchases that would help you to establish a positive credit file. You need a car because you'll be working full-time, and although you've scraped together enough for a down payment, you still need financing to cover the costs of a new or used automobile.

You CAN get an auto loan with little or no credit. Most dealerships offer a wide range of auto loan agencies, and some dealerships actually allow for buyers to purchase through their own finance program. First, let's discuss how to approach a dealership and obtain a loan through a national auto loan agency.

Check Your Credit

First, you'll need to check your credit. Yes, even if you've never had a loan before, check your credit profile to ensure there are no mistakes that could cost you an auto loan. Next, sit down and craft a budget that will give you an idea of how much car you can afford.

Get Financed in the Langhorne Area

Even if you have no credit history or if you have a less-than-perfect credit history, you may be eligible for an auto loan or lease from Gary Barbera Autoland, serving the Jenkintown area. Simply fill out our secure online financing application to get on your way to your next vehicle!

Yes, you can get auto financing when you do not have an established credit history. Shop around and get the best rate possible for your loan. Happy car shopping!

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