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About the Gary Barbera Cares Program: What We're Doing to Help Our Friends and Neighbors

The Barbera Cares Program was started by Gary Barbera years ago, when he realized that the surrounding communities of the greater Delaware Valley--places like metro Philadelphia, Southeastern PA, and Southern New Jersey--could use a hand, and that he could use his success in the automotive business to make a difference.

Since then, the Barbera Cares Program has been able to support dozens of local charities, programs, teams, and organizations that do their part in helping raise up the community, help the less fortunate, and make the Philadelphia an even more wonderful place to live.

Gary Barbera has been a familiar face in the area for over 30 years, and is a trusted voice in the community. He and his entire team are proud to support the Keep the Boulevard Safeinitiative with Representative Jared Solomon, and to throw the full weight of the Barbera Cares Program behind the new Don't Text and Drive Campaign.

How We're Helping to Stop Distracting Driving on the Boulevard

Did you know that distracted driving accounts for as much as a quarter of all car crash fatalities? And that it only takes three seconds of distracting for a crash to happen? (On average, sending or receiving/reading a text message takes four seconds.) The multi-lane business of Roosevelt Boulevard adds a whole new level of necessary attention, and driving distracted in that environment is particularly dangerous.

While PA laws currently only cover the sending and receiving of text messages, or the wearing of headphones, as "distracted driving", there are a lot more ways to be distracted by your phone while you're behind the wheel: 

  • Using maps or navigation
  • Checking Facebook or Instagram
  • Searching for a contact
  • Browsing songs or playlists
  • Taking a picture or video

All of the things on the list above can be just as distracting, if not more, than texting.

How You Can Help Keep Your Community Safe: Don't Text and Drive

Making the commitment to putting down the phone when you're behind the wheel can make a huge difference in improving the safety and ease of travel on Roosevelt Boulevard. Less accidents, smoother commutes, shorter travel times--and a significantly lower risk of fatalities.

The only downside to not texting and driving? Having to wait just a few minutes longer to read that funny text, to respond to a question about lunch, or to wait until you're parked to check your latest Facebook notification. That seems like a compromise everyone can be happy with.

Think of your family, your friends, your neighbors, peers, and community members--and don't text and drive. Keep the Boulevard Safe!