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Where can I get a car loan with bad credit in Philadelphia?

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Barbera's Autoland works with drivers in Philadelphia with bad credit, to help you get financing for an auto loan or a lease that you can afford.

Contact our credit approval team to learn about how we work with lenders, how we can get the lowest rates, and how we can help you actually build better credit by making smarter choices about car financing.


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PA State Rep Jared Solomon And Gary Barbera Join Forces To Keep the Blvd Safe

A “Don’t Text and Drive” public service awareness campaign has launched on in a continued effort to begin the transformation of Roosevelt Boulevard.  For residents, visitors, employees, and commuters, including those who walk, wheel, transit, bicycle, and drive Roosevelt Boulevard (RT. 1 / Philadelphia PA) a series of improvements to create a more inviting corridor that is safe, accessible, and reliable is long overdue according to State Representative Jared Solomon (D-PA).

Philadelphia has a high…
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Demons, Demons and MORE Demons

Barbera's on the Boulevard was given one of the LARGEST Demon Allocations in the country! 



The Dodge Challenger SRT® Demon is built to be an elite performance machine. That’s why it’s powered by a Supercharged 6.2L HEMI® SRT Demon V8 engine and armed with a functional Air-Grabber™ hood scoop and Torque Reserve Launch System.


Every feature was chosen to optimize drag…

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